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The very best in completely personalised chauffeur-driven escorted tours of the UK and Europe for 2 to 14 people

We are based within one hour's drive of 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

James Bothwell  

Mission Statement

We are offering an unusual service that is coming into its own as people are increasingly seeking individual personalised travel services. As experts in British Travel we invite you to e-mail us your telephone number and a convenient time to call you, whereupon we will call you from England and answer your queries without preparation and on the spot. Judge us for yourselves.

The British Bobby Touring Company is owned and run by James Bothwell, a former London policeman, who specializes in organizing and conducting unique escorted group tours of Britain.

Whether you are a couple requiring your very own private tour of England, Scotland and Wales or a group of fourteen with specific requests, let us guide you on your trip to the UK.

The difference between our company and others is that we remain involved from your initial contact right up until the time we say our goodbyes at London, Paris or any other airport. We personally design and drive you on all our guided tours. It's the safest and best way to see Britain. Each tour is custom made for you!

You choose where you want to go, and the places you wish to see. You let us know these, together with your interests. We put them together, add a few places we know you will love, and come up with the perfect vacation for you.

The tours are normally for one or two weeks - but longer or shorter tours can be arranged. Time permitting you can go from John O'Groats to Land's End. If you prefer you can tour a specific area of Britain or you can combine different areas. You can also combine Britain and Europe - it's your choice!

The Story So Far....

In the mid 1980s, whilst working as a policeman in London on Changing of the Guard Duties outside Buckingham Palace, James Bothwell dealt with tourists from all corners of the world.
James on his Police Horse, Monty

Often he would see a large group of people being rushed off a bus, rushed through the ceremony and then rushed back on to the coach. He watched their occasionally confused faces peering out of the bus as they were driven on to the next major tourist site their travel agent and the bus company had convinced them was a "must see".

In James' eyes this did not seem the way to see London and was certainly not the way to see England, but he was aware of the limited options being made available when booking vacations from abroad. From beside a diesel fumed 60 seater bus the concept of "British Bobby Tours" began to take shape. In the mid 1990s people carrier vans, which could transport up to 6 guests around London and sometimes 5 through the country with luggage, were being sold by all the major manufacturers throughout Britain. If the travelling public were made aware of tours being conducted by ex-Bobbies along the backroads of Britain surely they would jump at the chance of this type of tour rather than one with 55 others in that big coach again.

The tours were to be unstuffy, informal and at a relaxed and gentle pace. Although the ex-Bobbies would not be historical guides, they would have the kind of social skills to surely make the trip memorable. They would have advanced driving qualifications and they would make sure their guests were looked after and safe. These would be real tours for real people. James took his ideas to the British Tourist Authority and certain magazines representing British travel and distributed through the USA. He checked out the opposition and most places he turned a name would crop upů..Paul Treverton. While James had been identifying this "niche" market back in the mid 1980s, Paul had been embracing it and already had been granted Honorary Citizenship of Texas for his services to tourism - an act that will surely not come back to haunt George Bush Jnr.

James began conducting tours in 1996 and one fine Summer evening in this year, while busy with guests following in the footsteps of Samuel Johnson and Boswell on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, they pulled over on the road in the shadows of the Cuillin Hills for a view of the summer sea and woodland glens. Another driver had pulled over to show his guests the view too, and on a Hebridean island several hundred miles from home, in front of several bemused guests, James and Paul first shook hands. The next handshake was in the Winter of 96 by a roaring fire in a London pub where the ex-Bobbies decided to "join forces" and offer guests from abroad something jointly. The British Bobby Tours web site was launched and advertising was shared in some USA publications. Paul continued to write travel articles and we got occasional write ups in USA newspapers. By the end of the millenium we had over five hundred clients in the USA and had cemented some excellent relationships with the travel trade "across the pond".

In 1999, bearing in mind those early days by Buckingham Palace, we also began to offer personalised coach travel, where we organise "one group" travel for guests travelling as a one party group. Interesting tours have led to us arranging Celtic weddings and cricketing tours of England. We also added self drive itinerary planning to the services we offer booking guests' accommodation in the places we know and love through Britain.

We aim to keep the format the same and maybe add a driver or two to our portfolio. We hope to continue offering value for money unique tours of the British Isles and remain probably one of the busiest companies in our enjoyable field of business.

The British Bobbies - Who are they?

James Bothwell with Nelson Mandela

James Bothwell was privately educated in London and was a nationally ranked athlete during his school days. He began his working life on a Kibbutz in the Negev Desert in Israel and has since travelled extensively around the world.
He spent thirteen years working as a police officer in London and was often appointed to deal specifically with the security of The Royal Family and visiting Heads of State.

Specialist skills acquired during his police career include personal security and protection training, advanced driving skills, self-defence, first-aid and horsemanship. He was recently made an 'Honorary Citizen of Ohio.'

Paul Treverton
Paul Treverton
served for many years as a "Bobby" in London's famous Metropolitan Police. He received commendations for bravery, and on retiring was awarded the rare "Certificate of Exemplary Conduct" by the Commissioner of Police. Since then he has led a very interesting life - writing articles on crime for national magazines, rescuing stranded people from all over Europe for the Automobile Association, chauffering for top companies including Chase Manhattan Bank and British Gas, but mainly arranging and driving customers on tours to all parts of Britain, as well as Western Europe. Paul is an 'Honorary Citizen of Texas' and even has a rhododendron named in his honour!

Peter Krolik
Peter Krolik is a Suffolk man of Polish descent who will be specialising in tours in the Norfolk and Suffolk area throughout 2003. After a career in the police force spanning 20 years, culminating in the rank of Inspector, he is now offering a service to tourists who have a desire to visit the hidden secrets of Suffolk and Norfolk in the east of the country. This region is particularly unspoiled and parts of it seem almost locked in a time warp. Whether your interests are historical castles and churches, Newmarket for the finest horse racing in the country or a few hours with the Suffolk heavy horses, Peter has the local knowledge to ensure your visit is rewarding a rewarding one.

Peter is a useful addition to the British Bobbies as many guests from the US have connections with this remote area due to WW2 links with the USAF. Many of the operational bases still preserve the old relationship and you can rely on Peter to help you trace any Air Force bases or ancestral links you may have with the area.

This is a great base to spend a few days in "the real England", being only 70 miles from London with Cambridge as the main town in the area.

The British Bobby Touring Company is an internet subsidiary of James Bothwell Travel.
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