Rugby paintings by Allan Storer
Paintings and Drawings by Allan Storer


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Rugby images of British artist grace USA Rugby National Playoffs

Allan says, "I was approached by Matthew Foxworth, president of a Columbia Rugby team located in the United States. They have been selected to host a round of the USA Rugby National Playoffs. He wanted ideas for T-shirt designs and said he had fallen in love with some of my paintings and wished to use one of the images on the event T-shirt."

"My painting was initially inspired by Wales prop Gethin Jenkins' 'opening try' against Ireland, Six Nations, at the Millenium Stadium March 19th 2005 and is part of a limited edition collection of rugby prints 'Feel The Passion Collection' published by Saltmarshe Publishers 'Through Welsh Eyes' in Cardiff."

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Allan Storer's interview with Mike Gellatly, South Carolina Rugby Examiner

1. What attracts you to rugby, in particular, as a subject?

What is rugby about? Team work, energy, strength and physicality - all I feel contribute to dynamic image making and oil painting.

I am interested in the materiality of paint and I like to focus on the medium of paint itself and the desire to unite the idea with technique. Paint creates movement across a canvas. Action in rugby painting I feel is a complete interlocking of image and paint, so that the image is the paint and the paint is the image. The desire to unite idea with technique.


2. Many of your pieces feature English internationals, especially those at the front of the World Cup winning side. Is this for commercial appeal, influence of your surroundings (Twickenham), or an expression of support or something else entirely?

The colours that I use happen to be international colours and visually work well. Red in particular is a favourite colour of mine, it is vibrant and makes a bold statement.

When I plan a composition I look at the structure first and then think about how the colours will work to add weight and energy.

Additionally, many of the colours are also worn by local teams as well as internationals e.g Red is worn both by Wales and by Munster, Ireland. I have a studio in Twickenham, London and Swansea, South Wales; hence surroundings do influence my work, particularly on international days when Twickenham becomes a very lively place with crowds of 85,000 passing my studio. Similarly I was fortunate enough in my youth to be a frequent attender at Cardiff Arms Park on International days, again here the feeling of pride and patriotism stir me but without prejudice.


3. How long has rugby been a subject for you?

I have been painting rugby images since 1996 when I first came across my favourite image in my painting "The Force".


4. What are your thoughts as an artist in London/Swansea of your images being worn all over the east coast of the US by rugby players?

Awesome! I am immensely proud and grateful. I would love to see some photographs of this event.