Rugby paintings by Allan Storer
Paintings and Drawings by Allan Storer


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Rugby Arts is pleased to host Rock's Rugby paintings and prints (strictly for the boys).

From as little as £35 each, individually printed Artist Quality Giclee Print.

Rugby Art, Naive Style

Whoever said life has to be serious, or come to that Art?  I acknowledge rugby is deadly serious though.  However despite my imagined physical prowess I am not a professional rugby player or come to that a rugby player of any kind, well not anymore.

I am a professional artist though and despite my protestation a serious one.  So I am deadly serious about art but not too serious about life! 

To be in a constant state of happiness is not easy. In fact it is far easier to be continually miserable and rely on others for their cheerfulness.

So there we have it; we have to be serious about not taking life too seriously.  

One of the tenets regarding naive art is not to take to serious a look at life and to put that forward in art. It can be difficult if the artist thinks about it.  A truly paradoxical situation.

Well seriously, here I am doing just that with this recent series of nine naive paintings on the serious sport of rugby.  I think it's fun I hope you do too.  

Al Storer


Rock's Rugby Print 001


Rock's Rugby Print 003


Why not purchase the original Rock's Rugby painting from as little as £275.00 (excluding p&p)?
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