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Felicity Hayes-McCoy


JHM was set up in 1995 by me and my husband, the UK opera director and writer Wilf Judd.

It's an umbrella under which theatre, music and multimedia work arising out of our shared artistic values is conceived and made.

A JHM project involves work by one or other, or both, of us working in partnership.

Projects range from a script or an event to full-scale theatre, music, and interactive multimedia productions and co-productions. We've also designed and built two contrasting workspaces.

The JHM concept was inspired by the work of the Motley design team which revolutionised design and artistic relationships in British theatre in the 1930s, and whose members continued to apply its collaborative philosophy to their individual work in London and Paris, on Broadway and in Hollywood after the Second World War.

Since its foundation JHM has set up professional, creative partnerships nationally and internationally and JHM works have been seen on stage in the UK, US and Australia.

In 2014 we were invited by Crimson Cats Audiobooks to make an unabridged version of my memoir The House on an Irish Hillside, read by myself and with extracts from traditional Irish tunes and his own compositions played by Wilf.