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The Association was founded in 1846 and published the first volume of Archaeologia Cambrensis in that year. In the Preface the editors hoped ‘that we have struck a chord in the hearts of Welsh antiquaries ... and that by describing and illustrating the antiquities of our dear native land, we shall meet with the lasting support and sympathy of all'. These sentiments are still held today, more than 160 years later.


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Online access to the journal

Readers who do not have access to the early volumes may be interested to learn that the all the nineteenth-century volumes of the journal have been digitized by the National Library of Wales and can now be accessed online at

The Association has reached agreement with the National Library of Wales to provide free online access to all except the most recent twentieth-century volumes of the journal on the Welsh Journals Online website, but this is unlikely to be completed before the end of 2014. The Association has published four indexes of the journal, for 1846–1900, 1901–60, 1961–80, and 1981–2000, of which the three most recent volumes are still in print (see details of availability at the back of recent volumes of the journal). The contents of the volumes for 1981–2000 are also listed in the most recent index.

The contents of volumes since 2000 are given below and these now contain an index.

Volume 160 (2011)

Editorial note, iv.

Notes on the contributors, iv.

Notes on the President, vii.

Presidential Address: ‘The Cambrians, Georgians and Goths: influences upon the restoration of St David's Cathedral'. By J. Wyn Evans. 1–2.

‘Romans, Silures and Ordovices: the experience of low intensity warfare in Wales '. By Vincenzo Bellino. 13–38.

‘Abermawr Romano-British villa, Ceredigion, mid Wales : Interim report on its discovery and excavation'. By Toby G. Driver and Jeffrey L. Davies. 39–50.

‘Roman settlement at Plas Coch, Wrexham: excavations 1994–96'. By Nigel W. Jones. 51–114.

‘A LiDAR survey of Skokholm Island , Gateholm Islet and the Marloes Peninsular, Pembrokeshire'. 115–132.

‘Two early medieval cemeteries in Pembrokeshire: Brownslade Barrow and West Angle Bay '. By Polly Groom, Duncan Schlee, Gwylim Hughes, Pete Crane, Neil Ludlow and Ken Murphy. 133–204.

‘Llywelyn's Hall at Conwy'. By J. Beverley Smith. 205–218.

‘Monumental history: funerary monuments and public memory'. By Edward Parry. 291–234.

‘Octavius Morgan: jounal of a tour through North Wales in 1821'. By Dai Moran Evans. 235–264.

Reviews. 265–289.

Periodical Literature on Wales . 290–298.

Obituary. 298–299.

Reports on Meetings. 299–322.

Grants and Awards. 323–326.

Financial Statements 2010. 326.

Officers 2010–11. 327–329.

Subscriptions. 329.

The Association's Library. 329.

Publications for sale. 329.

Index. 331–343.


Volume 159 (2010)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Notes on the President. vi.

Presidential Address: ‘The Heads of the Valleys: 250 years of landscape change'. By Richard Keen. 1–52.

‘The excavation of a coastal promontary fort at Porth y Rhaw, Solva, Pembrokeshire 1995–98'. By Peter Crane and Kenneth Murphy. 53 –98.

‘Roman bronze paterae from Llanberis'. By John Ll. W. Williams. 99 –116.

‘ An early medieval settlement, iron smelting site and crop-processing complex at South Hook, Herbranston, Pembrokeshire'. By Peter Crane and Kenneth Murphy'.117 –196

‘Early medieval ecclesiastical wealth of Wales AD 600–1080'. By Holly Cross. 197 –220.

‘The medieval episcopal monuments in Llandaff Cathedral'. By Rhianydd Biebrach. 221 –240.

‘The Cistercians in West Wales II. Ceredigion'. By David H. Williams. 241 –286.

Reviews. 287–301.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2009. 302–310.

Obituary. 311–313.

Reports on Meetings. 314–327.

Grants and Awards. 328–330.

Financial Statements 2009. 331.

Officers 2009–10. 332–333.

Subscriptions. 334.

The Association's Library. 334.

Publications for sale. 334–335.

Index. 336–346.


Volume 158 (2009)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Notes on the President. vi

Presidential Address: ‘What's in a name? Naming patterns in medieval Wales . By A. D. C arr. 1–18.

‘Womaston Neolithic causewayed enclosure, Powys: survey and excavation 2008'. By Nigel W. Jones. 19–42.

Meusydd timber circles and ring-ditch, Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, Powys: excavation and survey, 2007. By Nigel W. Jones. 43–68.

‘New evidence for monument reuse in Bronze Age Wales: archaeological excavation at Llanymynech, Powys, 2007'. By Kevin Colls and John Halstead . 69 –96.

‘Mapping Isca : geophysical investigation of School Field and Priory Field, Caerleon'. By Peter Guest and Tim Young . 97–112.

‘Excavations on the defences of Caerleon Legionary Fortress in 1982'. By H. E. M. Cool, Howard Mason and Philip Macdonald. 113–130.

‘A Roman enclosure at Crickhowell Road , Trowbridge, Cardiff . Evaluation and excavation 2005–06'. By Mark Brett, E. R. McSloy and Neil Holbrook. 131–166.

‘Excavations at Tywyn y Capel, Trearddur Bay , Anglesey , 1997 and 2002–03'. By Andrew Davidson. 167 –224.

‘Cytir and Crosses: the archaeological landscape of the parish of Dinas'. By Rhiannon Corneau . 225 –278 .

Reviews. 255–278.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2008. 279–285.

Obituary. 286–287.

Reports on Meetings. 288–317.

Grants and Awards. 318–320.

Financial Statements 2008. 321.

Officers 2008–09. 322.

Subscriptions. 324.

The Association's Library. 324.

Publications for sale. 324.

Index. 326–330.


Volume 157 (2008)

Editorial note. v

Notes on the contributors.v

Notes on the President. vi.

Presidential Address. ‘The emergence of the architectural profession in Wales '. By Thomas Lloyd. 1–8.

‘Recent excavations at Parc Bryn Cegin, Llandygai, near Bangor , North Wales '. By Jane Kenney. 9–142.

‘A small Late Bronze Age ribbed socketed axe from Bryn Pydew, Sir Conwy'. By J. Ll. W. Williams.143–152.

‘An Early Medieval penannular brooch from Ty'n y Coed, Pentraeth, Anglesey '. By Nancy Edwards. 153–156.

‘Ty-draw, Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr, Powys — a late medieval cruck-framed hallhouse-longhouse'. By William J. Britnell, Robert J. Silvester, Richard Suggett, and Eurwyn Wiliam.157–202.

‘The Mansells, the Bassetts and the rebuilding of Oxwich and Old Beaupré Castles '. By Chris Phillpotts and Rick Turner. 203–270.

Reviews. 271–292.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2007. 293–300.

Reports on Meetings. 301–314.

Grants and Awards. 315–318.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2007 . 319–322.

Officers 2007–08. 323–324.

Subscriptions. 325.

The Association's Library. 325

Publications for sale. 325.

Index. 327–338.


Volume 156 (2007)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Presidential Address: ‘The restoration of castles in Wales as ruins: philosophy and practice'. By Richard Avent. 1–24.

‘Crugiau Bach and Llorfa stone circles, Brecknock'. By Nigel W. Jones. 25–32.

‘From antiquarianism to archaeology: the genesis and achievement of the Royal Commission's Anglesey volume'. By David M. Browne. 33–50.

‘The Romanesque doorway at St Padarn's church, Llanbadarn Fawr, Radnorshire'. By Rita Wood. 51–72.

‘Excavations at Skenfrith Castle , Monmouthshire, 2003'. By Phil Evans, Kevin Trott and Amelia Pannett. 73–122.

‘Excavations at Raglan Castle , Monmouthshire, 2003–07'. By Chris E. Smith. 123–140.

‘Welsh scratch dials'. By William Linnard. 141–148.

‘Egryn Stone: a forgotten freestone'. By Tim Palmer. 149–160.

‘The building of Caerdeon Chapel in Merioneth: a unique pictorial record'. By Donald Moore. 161–183.

Reviews. 184–234.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2006. 234–242.

Obituary. 243–244.

Reports on Meetings. 245–266.

Grants and Awards. 267.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2006 . 268–271.

Officers 2006–07. 272–273.

Subscriptions. 274.

The Association's Library. 274.

Publications for sale.274.

Index. 276–282.


Volume 155 (2006)

Editorial note. v.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President.

Presidential Address: ‘Fragile Heritage: the archaeology of the early Roman campaigns in Wales and the borderland'. By Jeffrey L. Davies. 1–22.

‘Excavation of Neolithic pits, three ring-ditches and a palisaded enclosure at Cwm Meudwy, Llandysul, Ceredigion, 2003'. By Kenneth Murphy and Robert T. J. Evans. 23–48.

‘A Late Iron Age and Roman Farmstead at RAF St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan. Evaluation and Excavation 2002 03'. By Alistair Barber, Simon Cox and Annette Hancocks. 49–116.

‘Mapping Isca : geophysical investigation of Priory Field, Caerleon'. By Peter Guest and Tim Young. 117–134.

‘Conversion, Christianity, and the Late Roman transition in South-East Wales '. By Andrew Seaman . 135–142.

‘Maen Achwyfan and the context of Viking settlement in north-east Wales '. By David Griffiths. 143–162.

‘St Gwynllyw's Cathedral, Newport : the Romanesque archway'. By J. K. Knight and Rita Wood. 163–186.

‘Some recent finds from Wales : an early medieval brooch from Powys and three medieval artefacts from south Wales '. By Mark Redknap. 187–190.

Reviews. 191–216.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2005. 217–224.

Reports on Meetings. 225–241.

Grants and Awards. 242–243.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2005 . 243–248.

Officers 2005–06. 249–250.

Subscriptions. 251.

The Association's Library. 251.

Publications for sale. 251.

Index. 253–260.


Volume 154 (2005)

Editorial note. v.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. viii.

Presidential Address: ‘R. W. Banks and the Cambrian Archaeological Association'. By R. W. D. Fenn. 1–16.

Cistercians in Wales and the West:

‘Preface to Cistercians in Wales and the West'. By Madeleine Gray. 17–26.

Homines sanctitatis eximiae, religionis consummatae : the Cistercians in England and Wales '. By Janet Burton. 27–50.

‘The location and siting of Cistercian houses in Wales and the West'. By James Bond. 51–80.

‘Patrons and patronage among the Cistercians in Wales '. By Huw Pryce. 81–96.

‘A better and frugal life': Llanllugan and the Cistercian women's houses in Wales . By Madeleine Gray and John Morgan-Guy. 97–114.

‘Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester (the Red Earl) and the Cistercians of south-east Wales '. By F. G. Cowley. 115–124.

‘Cistercians and the urban community at Neath'. By Tony Hopkins. 125–132.

‘Conservation and investigation at Cwmhir Abbey, Powys'. By Sian E. Rees , Nigel W. Jones and Robert J. Silvester. 133–152.

‘Medieval Cistercian seals with special reference to ‘hand-and-staff' seals'. By David H. Williams. 153–178.

‘Ruined abbeys in romantic landscapes'. By Donald Moore. 179–214.

Reviews. 215–234.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2004. 235–243.

Obituaries. 244–248.

Reports on Meetings. 249–272.

Grants and Awards. 273.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2004 . 275–278.

Officers 2004–05. 279–280.

Subscriptions. 281.

The Association's Library. 281.

Publications for sale. 281.

Index. 283–296.


Volume 153 (2004)

Editorial note. v.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. viii

Presidential Address: ‘From Antiquarianism to Archaeology'. By Muriel E. Chamberlain. 1 –12.

‘A newly discovered Roman marching camp at Pen Plaenau in the Berwyn mountains'. By Hugh Toller. 13 –22.

‘The inscribed stones of Llanaelhaearn Church , Gwynedd, and the significance of their places of discovery'. By Robert T. J. Evans. 23 –36.

‘The medieval bishops' effigies at Llandaff Cathedral'. By Madeleine Gray. 37 –50.

‘The royal apartments in the inner ward at Conwy Castle '. By Jeremy Ashbee. 51 –72.

‘The name Baddegai, near Brecon'. By Andrew Breeze. 73 –74.

‘Castell Blaenllynfi, Brecknock: a Marcher castle and its landscape'. By Robert J. Silvester, Paul Courtney and Sian E. Rees . 75 –104.

‘Architecture and the development of Beaumaris in the nineteenth centur'. By Richard Hayman. 105 –124.

‘Dimlands, Llantwit Major: a small-scale gentry house in Glamorgan'. By Hilary M. Thomas. 125 –142.

Reviews. 143–170.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2003. 171–179.

Obituaries. 180–182.

Reports on Meetings. 183–201.

Grants and Awards. 202–203.

The Blodwen Jerman Competition: its history and aims. 203–211.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2003 . 212–216.

Officers 2003–04. 217–218.

Subscriptions. 219.

The Association's Library. 219.

Publications for sale. 219.

Index. 221–230.


Volume 152 (2003)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. vi.

Presidential Address: ‘Back to the Future'. By Geoffrey Wainwright. 1–8.

‘Three Castles of the Clare family in Monmouthshire during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries'. By S. G. Priestley and R. C. Turner. 9–52.

‘Urban and commercial networks in the later middle ages: Chepstow, Severnside and the ports of southern Wales '. By Spencer Dimmock. 53–68.

‘Thomas Thomas, 1817–88: the first national architect of Wales '. By Stephen Hughes. 69–166.

Reviews. 167–182.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2002. 183–191.

Obituary. 192–194.

Reports on Meetings. 195–208.

Grants and Awards. 209–211.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2002 . 212–216.

Officers 2002–03. 217–218.

Subscriptions. 219

The Association's Library. 219.

Publications for sale. 219.

Index. 221–230.


Volume 151 (2002)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. v.

Notes on the President. vi.

Presidential Address: ‘ ‘From the Welsh Good Lord Deliver Me': soldiers, papists and civilians in Civil War Monmouthshire'. By Jeremy K. Knight. 1–18.

‘The Elijah Panel in St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire and its provenance'. By Michael Eastham. 19–40.

‘Whitland Abbey, Carmarthenshire: a Cistercian site re-examined, 1994–99'. By Neil Ludlow. 41 –108.

‘The Sisters' House at Minwear, Pembrokeshire: analysis of the documentary and archaeological evidence'. By Helen Nicholson. 109 –138.

‘A history and survey of Haroldston House and gardens, Pembrokeshire: an unexcavated manorial complex'. By Roger Turvey. 139 –158.

Reviews. 159–182.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2001. 183–190.

Obituary. 191–192.

Reports on Meetings. 193–210.

Grants and Awards. 211–212.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2001 . 212–216.

Officers 2001–02. 217–218.

Subscriptions. 219.

The Association's Library. 219.

Publications for sale. 219.

Constitution of the Cambrian Archaeological Association. 221–229

Index. 230–238.


Volume 150 (2001)

Editorial note. iv.

Notes on the contributors. iv.

Presidential Address: ‘ The Cambrians and the Railways: one hundred and fifty years of links'. By Keith P. Mascetti. 1–16.

‘A prehistoric and early medieval complex at Llandegai, near Bangor , North Wales '. By Frances Lynch and Chris Musson. 17 –142.

‘A Roman Will from North Wales '. By R. S. O. Tomlin. 143 –156.

Reviews. 157–184.

Periodical Literature on Wales , 2000. 185–192.

Obituaries. 193–201.

Reports on Meetings. 202–213.

Grants and Awards. 214–215.

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2000 . 216–220.

Officers and Council Members, 2000–01. 221–222.

Subscriptions. 223.

The Association's Library. 223.

Publications for sale. 223.

Index. 225–229.